This is also the magic of collaborations, of unlikely and unexpected encounters. This is what LPF offers us with this new featuring with one of the pioneers of French rap, the legendary "Emperor" Alkpote.

Two universes blend together. A rhythmic and danceable music typical of LPF merges with the gripping flow of the rapper, in a world between Cybernetic and post-apocalyptic. The artists present us with a dynamic track with surprising lyrics, a penmanship well known from the "great eagle" Alkpote. After inaugurating the release together on stage at The Fête de L'Humanité in September 2023, the two artists release the title on all platforms as well as in a "Lyrics video" version on YouTube.

Alkpote, whose real name is Atef Kahlaoui, was born on February 3, 1981 in Paris 19e. Passionate about hip-hop from a young age, this young Frenchman of Tunisian origin began his rapping career in 1995. At 15, he chose Alkpote as his stage name, a pun obtained by combining Al Capone and condom. With his friends in Évry, he founded the collective "Unité 2 feu" in 1998. That same year, the rap group released its first album titled "Haine, misère et crasse". The album was a success and encouraged young Atef to rap. In 2006, Alkpote went solo, signing a contract with the Néochrome label. The following year, he released his first mixtape titled "Sucez-moi avant l’album". To this are added 4 other mixtapes: Alkpote et la crème du 91 (2009), Alkpote et la crème d’île 2 France (2010), Orgasmixtape (2014) and Orgasmixtape Vol.2 (2015). He is also the author of 4 studio albums, namely: l’Empereur (2008), l’Empereur contre-attaque (2012), Inferno (2018) and Monument (2019). In 2020, he released an EP titled "Vie Rapide" containing 7 tracks. In 2021, he released songs in collaboration with other artists like Todiefor with Palpatine.